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The Cannabis Industry’s mostDynamic Networking Event

The HeroGrown Golf Fall Classic is more than just a fun golf tournament to raise money for heroes. We are bringing together leaders and trendsetters from across the cannabis industry to create the most dynamic networking opportunity of the year. If you’re interested in building your rolodex while helping our heroes, there is no better setting and no better cause — join the Titans of the Cannabis Industry at the HeroGrown Golf Fall Classic.

About HeroGrown Foundation

Over 50 Veterans and First Responders die everyday from suicide and prescription drug overdose. It’s time to try something different.
Scores of veterans and first responders resort to the use of deadly opiates, dangerous sleeping pills, and alcohol to cope with the pain, stress, and emotional toll of their service. Cannabis is a natural and 100% safe alternative. American Heroes deserve the right to use the medicine of their choice without risking their job, medical benefits, or freedom. HeroGrown’s mission is to raise awareness, advocate, and assist veterans, first responders and their families with the use of cannabis as a safe alternative to deadly prescription drugs. Founded in 2014 as Grow for Vets, HeroGrown is nationally recognized as the preeminent organization fighting for our heroes’ right to use cannabis. We’ve also given away over $3,000,000 worth of cannabis products to veterans since.


What We Do

HopeBox AirDrop

We ship products directly to veterans and first responders throughout the United States.

Education & Awareness

We educate members and the public to raise awareness about alternative treatment options.


We work with lobbyists and state legislators to end the war on American Heroes who choose cannabis.

Since 2014 we’ve provided more than
$3,000,000 in Support to
American Heroes.

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